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The Growth Imperative

Photographic Sculpture
01 | The Growth Imperative
02 | Pure Growth 2009/10
03 | Pure Growth 2010/11
04 | Pure Growth 2011/12
05 | Pure Growth 2012/13
06 | Pure Growth 2013/14
07 | Pure Growth 2014/15

The Growth Imperative

Photographic Sculpture


Pigment print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl, museum matboard, aluminium, other materials. Hand cut and assembled. Series of six, 100x100x25cm each.

«The Growth Imperative» explores the spatial dimension of stock charts by translating their peaks and valleys into physical coordinates. Inspired by the neoliberal fantasy of infinite economic growth on a finite planet, the project maps the performance of the S&P 500 Pure Growth Index over a six-years period between 2009 and 2015 and transposes it into six sculptural objects covered with photographs of forests.

The forest is the place where growth is inevitable and vegetation luxuriates. It is a multidimensional space that expands both horizontally and vertically and devours everything within its boundaries. Exposed to the erratic and uncontrollable behaviour of the stock market, each photograph is stretched, distorted and finally broken into 440 triangular facets.

That way, «The Growth Imperative» seeks to unmask the self-destructive nature of neoliberal capitalism and its central role in causing serious environmental, social and territorial imbalances. In a world subject to the vagaries of global capitalist economy, the market constitutes the main creative force behind it and consequently becomes its true sculptor.

Photos: ©Lorenzo Kárász
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